1-on-1 Training

Group Trainings are not available anymore. The topics of the previous Workshops are covered during the Mentoring sessions and 1-on-1 Training.

The 1-on-1 Training is a 4-part (3-4+ hours each), online, private series of sessions, teaching the three core components of the Method: Long-term, Swing and Scalp trading strategies and how to put them together into a full-time trading plan.
Other than discussing each approach and its technical elements the main goal is to provide a blueprint covering every possible segment of the trading process including money and risk management rules and trade management best practices. After attending the Training – participants will be able to apply the principles in live market conditions on their own.

The 1-on-1 Training spreads through a 4 days period (on consecutive weekends) and covers the following topics:

Long-term (LT) and Swing (B-Account) Trading

  • Futures, commodities, and FX market knowledge, correlation analysis and long-term timeframes and market participants
  • Advanced natural Support and Resistance levels
  • Market Profile Basics and Long-term application of Auction Market Theory
  • Price Patterns, long-term setups, scanning for setups
  • Risk management & compounding, the importance of exit strategy, Risk:Reward and trade expectation
  • Position management & pyramiding
  • Trade-of-the-Day and Trade-of-the-Week setups

Short-term Scalping

  • Understanding market participants and the ‘why’ behind price movements
  • Selecting the ‘best’ markets and periods of the day to trade
  • US Treasuries and EUREX futures knowledge
  • Hidden market information and how to use it
  • Advanced Market Profile concepts
  • Intraday application of long-term natural S/R levels
  • Volume Profile, Volume zones
  • Role of non-time-based market information
  • Advanced orderflow application using Heatmap, Footprint charts, and Depth-of-Market (DOM, Ladder)

Putting it all together: Full-time trading

  • Right expectations
  • Creating a plan: trading plan and business plan
  • How to prepare for the day: routine
  • How to develop best practices: planning, preparation, record-keeping, reviewing/reporting, drills, and exercises
  • Trading as a business
  • Brokerages, allocation best practices
  • Tools, information sources, data

After each session, practice drills are provided for the discussed topics.

Attendees will have free access to:

  • Each private 1-on-1 session is recorded and the video files are provided to the participant for later reference.
  • Life-time license to the proprietary S/R Study and settings used to trade the method (settings, layouts, templates, scripts for SierraChart)
  • Free update consultations and email support
  • Option to join a private trading group where the Ticinotrader approach is discussed every day – including free access to periodically held private group sessions (Training and Mentoring members only).
  • Free access to the Playbook.
  • Lifetime VIP access to all chartbooks, articles, and video materials otherwise available on a subscription basis.

Completing the Training is the prerequisite for participating in the Mentoring program. Mentoring always starts with the Training (it is included in Mentoring).

Although all necessary topics are covered in-depth, it is advised to have a working knowledge of basic technical analysis and futures & FX markets before attending the Training.

Group Training is not available anymore. The details of the TicinoTrader method is covered during the Private Training and the Mentoring sessions only.

If you are a member of an established trading group and looking for a private customized Group Session, please use the Contact form to discuss your needs.

The price of the Private 1-on-1 Training is EUR 4375.

The available spots are limited – if you want to participate in the Training, please use the Contact page to arrange the payment and schedule the private 1-1 sessions.

Also, see the FAQ section for additional information.

Before joining the Private Training or Mentoring program, it is mandatory to sign a Non-Disclosure Document. Please use the Contact page to request more details.

Last updated: August 7, 2022 at 21:30 pm