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Subscription Information

  • You can signup to any Levels, by simply clicking on the Register button when you try to access a restricted content or by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Higher subscription levels always include lower levels’ materials
  • Chartbook (Level 1) and Articles/Videos (Level 2) and Study (Level 3) subscriptions are valid for 1 month, from the exact date you signed up.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime at your Membership Settings. After you cancel your subscription, it will still be valid until the expiration date.
  • You can also upgrade/downgrade anytime. When upgrading to a higher level, you just have to pay the difference – the higher level fee will be prorated.
  • The owners of the Playbook self study course get VIP access to all Level 1 & 2 materials and 4 month license to the TicinoMath study.

Support Guidelines

  • Click here to read the Support Guidelines, related to questions, requests, etc.
  • For general questions, login problems, etc check the FAQ section here.
  • The primary platforms to give support to members are the Support Forum and email.
  • I may not/can not answer questions, requests, etc. if they are sent through non-supported channels (Discord public chat, Discord private message, Twitter message, Youtube video comments, etc.) Please always use the Support forum for questions/requests unless you are explicitly asked to send an email.
  • If you want a single chartbook only, please consider the Level 1 (Chartbook) subscription. Even for a single month’s payment this will give you access to more than 200 SierraChart chartbooks automatically.

Free Content & User Orientation

Click here if you are looking for the SimpleSystemTrading Volume Dots Chartbooks.

Level 1 – Chartbook Subscriber

Level 2 – Articles & Videos Subscriber

Level 3 – TicinoMath Study User

Level 4 – Playbook Member

  • You have VIP access to all content – please click here to signup and access the Playbook material and send your SierraChart account name in email to activate the study.
  • Your Playbook purchase gives access to the custom TicinoMath Study for 4 months.
  • Click here to read more about the Playbook course.
  • The amount you paid for the Playbook can later be used as a discount towards the Training or Mentoring.
  • Additional Level 4 – Playbook Member materials can be found here.

Private Training/Mentoring

  • Click here to register to the site’s closed content. Please do not sign up if you are not a member or have not paid for the training/mentoring yet because all registrations are manually approved/upgraded.
  • Click here if you want to schedule a free, private video call to discuss your goals/needs.
  • Private 1-on-1 Training/Mentoring is always customized based on the interest of the individual trader.
  • Training/Mentoring members get lifetime access to all materials, including the TicinoMath study.
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