What SierraChart version should I use with your chartbooks?

It is highly recommended to use SierraChart Service Pack 5. Service Pack 5 allows you to use all advanced features/tools of Sierra (Volume Profile, Orderflow tools, etc.)

The exact version number of SierraChart that was used for the creation of a chartbook is always displayed in the post (‘Created with…’)

The recommended (minimum) version number is also included in the chartbook filenames (i.e. TicinoTrader_xxxxxxxx_v####.cht)

Follow the instructions here to update to the latest SierraChart version.

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Can I use your chartbooks after I cancel my subscription?

Yes. The chartbooks you find on my site mostly use the built-in freely available SierraChart studies and tools. You can download the chartbooks from the site and use it as long as you wish.

The only exceptions are the chartbooks that use the TicinoMath study. It is a proprietary S/R study available for Playbook and Training/Mentoring members only.

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I can not login to your site and see the posts.

To make sure you are properly logged in please follow these steps:

  1. If you do not remember your Patreon login, you can visit their site and try to login and ask for a password change – using your email address you used during the sign up.
  2. Login to your Patreon account and check any of my posts on Patreon. It contains a link with the text: ‘Click here to read the entire post’
  3. When you click on this link in Patreon post, it will direct you to my site and automatically unlock the content based on your subscription level
  4. If you are still unable to read a post, please click on the ‘Log In With Patreon’ button. It will redirect you back to Patreon then back to my site.
  5. This should be done only once. Your browser will remember your Patreon login and you can freely browse the content on my site.


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Do you trade stocks, Forex and options?

Stocks – no.
FOREX – occasionally but generally currency futures on CME Globex provide plenty of liquidity and much more transparency. Exotic spot FX pairs are used for hedging as part of my position trading approach though.
Options: yes, options on futures and commodities only.

Spreads: yes, longer term commodity spreads.

With Scalping and B-Account trades the main focus is on US Treasury Futures and EUREX Futures.

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Do you provide a free trial?

Although there is no free trial, before you signup to the Private Training it is advised to check the free Playbook examples or try a three-month subscription to see if the trading approach taught fits your needs.

There is also a free preview video from Playbook Part 1. Send a message using the Contact page to get access.

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How can I pay for the Playbook, Training and Mentoring?

Please click here to see the available pricing options for the Playbook. You can join and start a 3-month subscription or pay the full (Part 1-3) package with a single payment using Paypal. Please email me here if you want to subscribe.

The price of the Training and Mentoring can be paid by wire transfer and credit or debit card payments – please send and email here for more details.

After a payment is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to your email and a separate email with login information/instructions. You can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing here.

Please be aware that all payments are final and no refunds are available for Private Training and Mentoring and Playbook payments. Also it is mandatory to sign a Non-Disclosure document before participating in these programs.

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If several traders use your method, it will stop working…

There are three answers to this question:

  1. The number of Private Training and Mentoring participants are limited. There is only a handful of traders who use this exact same approach each day. The method works not because it is some kind of magical predictive technique but because it is based on the observation of important market players who use the same techniques each day.
  2. Most of the traders who learn a method will: (1) not start to implement it (2) will not implement/trade it as suggested/taught (3) only a very small percent of traders (humans) are willing to follow given rules. This is another guarantee.
  3. (1) The very strict and conservative risk management guidelines and rules used result in relatively small positions compared to the available trading capital. This makes it almost impossible to affect highly liquid futures markets even if there are several traders applying the same principles with large accounts. (2) The US Treasury and EUREX Futures markets are the most liquid instruments in the world without any practical upper contract size limit what may affect individual traders. This topic is discussed in high detail during the Workshop.
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Why do you limit the number of participants?

To find the detailed answer, please read the Goal section of the Mentoring page.

Both learning and teaching requires substantial efforts of both parties what means lots of worktime and energy. While trading full-time, this can be done on a limited basis only.

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