TicinoTrader is a Switzerland based private commodity and futures position trader and US treasury scalper.

First introduced to trading in 2004 and spent the next 3 years learning the markets and developing a unique approach to trading what is a combination of long-term and intraday strategies – both based on the same technical principles.

After severe losses experienced in the early years he realized the importance of self-discipline and proper risk management that led to an ongoing journey in the field of trading psychology and self-knowledge. Since 2013 he is working together with a well acknowledged trader coach.

Since 2008 he is privately teaching and mentoring selected traders from several countries, helping them become consistently profitable traders.

  • Main interest: position trading, scalping
  • Primary markets: global futures, commodities markets, EUREX & US treasury futures
  • Trading style: discretionary mid-term multi-day/multi-week position trading, short term intraday scalping
  • Main tools: pattern recognition and S/R analysis using simple mathematical/statistical methods, Auction Market Theory (Market Profile), OrderFlow and Volume analysis


There is no successful trading without solid understanding of the behavior and thinking of market participants.
Volume/Price always comes first: clear understanding of what’s behind price movements eliminates the need of lagging indicators.
The only way to succeed in markets is to think in series of trades.
Success in trading is the by-product of professional execution. Execution of a couple proven setups over and over again.
Preparation and planning hugely enhances the chance of winning.
The most important two tools to control results are self-discipline and strict risk management.