IMPORTANT: Main goal/original idea of the TicinoTrader Patreon group is to focus on creating materials that I (ticinotrader) think most important/related to Orderflow trading and I post them on the site – based on my own discretion.
The Patreon group is not a chartbook request service but if someone ask for something that is within my capabilities/resources, I am happy to help – as you may already seen many times.

By using the forum (only members can access) and being a member of the group, you accept this and the guidelines below:

  1. The support forum is the primary, support channel to get questions and accept requests from Patreon members.
  2. The goal of the request forum is to collect ideas, so new users can clearly see if something was requested earlier.
  3. Please use this forum as the main platform for all communication, instead of sending me emails to request a new chartbook or ask questions.
  4. Please use email for requests/questions if you are explicitly asked to use it ONLY.
  5. I can not/may not accept requests and answer questions if sent via the Discord group, Twitter, Patreon post comment, Patreon Private Message or Youtube message. Please send all requests/questions here on the support forum or if you are looking for a custom/private work – in email.
  6. Please ALWAYS use the forum to post requests or ask questions related to existing materials.
  7. Before sending a new request or asking a question, please always check the forum (use the search function) to see if your request or something similar was already posted/requested/asked.
  8. If you already sent a request before the launch of this forum that is still unanswered, I kindly ask you to re-send it there.
  9. I can not help with custom programming, but feel free to post requests regarding that topic. There is a high chance that SierraChart already has something that you can use. If it can’t be done with default SierraChart tools, I can direct you to a very skilled programmer.
  10. You may ask for/request copyrighted materials, but I may decide to reject that request without any further explanation – based on my own discretion.
  11. I can answer questions and complete requests of Patreon members only. If you are not a member, please do not expect any answer. Not because I may not answer, but I have very limited time/resources and want to focus on the important people first.
  12. Requests/questions of higher Tier subscribers (Playbook, Study, Article/Video Tiers) or long time members always enjoy priority.
  13. If you have a highly complex request, please contact me in email and after discussing all the details, I will provide a quote for the work.
  14. if you are looking for a complex or private project, you can ask for a quote as detailed on the Private Consultation section.
  15. If your request was completed and you are satisfied with the result, or simply just want to support my work further, feel free to ‘Buy Me a Coffe’.