Definition: Playbook

A document defining one or more business process workflows aimed at ensuring a consistent response to situations commonly encountered during the operation of the business

Regardless of the style/timeframe of a trading approach, it is pivotal to have a plan detailing every aspect of the trading process.

Very important part of the plan to create ‘Playbooks’ for every imaginable scenario of the trade process including trade setups. This is a prerequisite for flawless execution. Spending time with creating Playbooks and reviewing trades based on them is one of the most important tasks each trader should master.

The ‘Playbook’ course is created to help those traders who want to learn on their own. It is a video-based (20+ hours) learning program that provides access to selected rules, setups and tools used and learnt during the Private Training and Mentoring sessions.

The ‘Playbook’ is intended to help traders to learn different setups through actual trade examples and provide guidelines about how to implement them.

The ‘Playbook’ course contains the following materials:

Part 1:

  • Collection of trade example videos (~6 hours total) showing different intraday orderflow and price-action based swing trade and scalp trade setups and their correct implementation during various market conditions (US Treasury and EUREX futures markets are covered)
  • Supporting Playbook manual (30+ page) describing the setups and any necessary information to use them correctly

Part 2:

  • Materials cover Market Context related information that allows traders to customize their activity to adapt to the current state of the market
  • Two recorded webinars (4 hours in total), additional trading manual and a slideshow
  • Collection of exact context types, trade setups and triggers that can be used to systematically trade

Part 3:

  • 3rd Part focuses on developing solid understanding of how the trading DOM (Depth of Market) works and how one can read and trade it in sync with the Playbook rules and setups
  • A recorded webinar and a set of DOM trading exercise videos with exact trade examples
  • Trading manual describing 10 different DOM reading/trading drills and all the necessary info you need to build a solid knowledge and skills of DOM trading

Part 4:

  • Collection of Playbook member group webinars (4+ hours)
  • Advanced techniques, tools to use in sync with the existing Playbook methodology.

The Playbook membership comes with:

  • Free access to the chartbooks and settings used in the examples
  • 4 month access to the TicinoMath Support/Resistance study for SierraChart
  • Free email support
  • Free trader evaluation

The price of the Playbook course is: EUR 700

The price of the ‘Playbook’ reduces the price of the Mentoring Session and Training. Mentoring and Private Training participants have free unlimited access to all ‘Playbook’ materials.

You can signup to the ‘Playbook’ by clicking here.

Please be aware that the Playbook is NOT a trade advisory/signal/alert service.

Payments of the Playbook are final, there is no refund available. For further information and free trials, refunds, etc. see the FAQ.

Check the Ticinotrader Youtube channel for free Playbook examples or send me a request for a free access to one of the videos of ‘Playbook’ Part 1.

If you are a Level 1 subscriber, you can see the video example here.