New Playbook Part 5 Released – Increase of TicinoMath/TicinoSuite Study price

This is a short announcement to let you know that the new Playbook Part 5 material has just been released and is available on the website.

The new Part 5 materials (7+ hours webinar records and written info) deal with the following topics:

  • How to Adapt to Changing Volatility
  • Special Situations Trading
  • Short term Scalping with Orderflow & Price action – using the Playbook method

If you are an existing Playbook user, you can access the new materials automatically, by logging in at this link and navigating to Playbook Part 5 section.

Members of the 1-on-1 Training and Mentoring get free access as well.

If you are not a Playbook member and would like to purchase the Playbook Course, you can do it using the existing price, until 24 December 2021, by using the discount code ‘PLBK5’.

After 24 December 2021, the Playbook course’s price will increase to EUR 875.

(New purchase of the Playbook comes with a 4 month license to the TicinoSuite/TicinoMath studies).

Important change to the availability and price of the TicinoMath/TicinoSuite studies

  • After 24 December 2021, the TicinoSuite studies’ price increases to EUR 99/mo, and monthly payment options will not be available anymore.
  • The studies can be subscribed on Level 3 using, either a 3-month (EUR 297/3 mo) or 1-year (EUR 990/1 yr) based subscription option.
  • Existing subscribers of the studies, who maintain an active subscription, can keep paying/lock-in the current EUR 60 price.
  • New Level 3 subscribers after 24 December, or Playbook subscribers who purchase the course after 24 December, can extend their license on the new price ONLY.

Follow this link, if you want to signup to the study (Level 3) on the current price.


Q: I am a current subscriber of the Ticinomath study. Can I keep paying EUR 60 in the future?
A: Yes, as long as you maintain an uninterrupted subscription, your price will not change.

Q: I am an existing member, and I want to cancel/suspend my Level 3 Study subscription for a couple of months. Can I later re-sub using the current price?
A: No, locking in the current price requires an uninterrupted subscription

Q: I am an existing user and want to keep paying on a monthly basis. Is this possible?
A: Yes, if you are an existing Monthly Level 3 member, your billing period will not change, unless you cancel your sub in the meantime

Q: I was a previous Playbook/Level3 member. Can I re-subscribe to the study, after 24 December 2021, using the old price?
A: No. After 24 December 2021, all canceled/expired members can re-sub using the new price.

Q: I am a new Level 3 member, and plan to signup after 24 December 2021. Can I subscribe on a monthly basis?
A: No, after 24 Dec 2021, new subscriptions are available on a 3-month (EUR 297 quarterly) or 12-month (yearly EUR 990) basis.

Q: I purchased the Playbook course right now, before 24 December 2021. Can I extend my study license after my 4-month license expires, using the previous price (and on a monthly basis)?
A: Yes, if you purchased the Playbook course on or before 24 December 2021, you can continue your study subscription, if you do it right after your 4/month license (included with the Playbook) expires.

Please see the following links to learn more about the Playbook Course, or signup to Level 3 Study tier.

Make sure you use the PLBK5 discount code when purchasing the Playbook course (expires on 24th December 2021).

Last updated: December 20, 2021 at 19:25 pm

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