How to Overlay Studies & Drawings to Charts and DOM in SierraChart

You can overlay any chart drawings to another chart or DOM in SierraChart.

  1. First create your drawings then select another chart or DOM and open its Chart Settings Dialog
  2. Take Note of the number of the chart where you created the original drawings
  3. Select Advanced Settings 2 and enter the number of the chart to the Copy Chart Drawings from Chart #’s. You can automatically copy drawings from multiple different charts.

Overlaying studies to Another Chart or DOM

  1. Create your study on a single chart. In this example the Initial Balance Range study will be used
  2. Select another chart or DOM and apply the Study/Price overlay study and specify the parameters of the originally displayed study
  3. You can as well select a DOM window, where the Study/Price Overlay Study is one of the few available options.
  4. Using this feature you can overlay numerous studies to DOM windows.
  5. Market Profile is obviously an exception.
  6. If you fail to succeed with an overlay, you can always try to use the ‘Trading Chart DOM On‘ feature on any charts what will display a fully functional DOM on your chart.