What SierraChart version should I use with your chartbooks?

It is highly recommended to use SierraChart Service Pack 5. Service Pack 5 allows you to use all advanced features/tools of Sierra (Volume Profile, Orderflow tools, etc.) and it includes free streaming delayed data for the CME Group markets – data that can be used to practice, without opening a live trading account.

It is highly recommended to subscribe to SierraChart directly at their website and NOT use a broker issued SierraChart license. Broker licenses usually have serious limitations on the available data, tools, etc.

The exact version number of SierraChart that was used for the creation of a chartbook is always displayed in the post (‘Created with…’)

The recommended (minimum) version number is also included in the chartbook filenames (i.e. TicinoTrader_xxxxxxxx_v####.cht)

Follow the instructions here to update to the latest SierraChart version.