If several traders use your method, it will stop working…

There are three answers to this question:

  1. The number of Private Training and Mentoring participants are limited. There is only a handful of traders who use this exact same approach each day. The method works, not because it is some kind of magical, predictive technique but because it is based on the observation of important market players who use the same techniques every single day.
  2. Most of the traders who learn a method will: (1) not start to implement it (2) will not implement/trade it as suggested/taught (3) only a very small percent of traders (humans) are willing to follow given rules. This is another guarantee.
  3. (1) The very strict and conservative risk management guidelines and rules used, result in relatively small positions compared to the available trading capital. This makes it almost impossible to affect highly liquid futures markets even if there are several traders applying the same principles with large accounts. (2) The US Treasury and EUREX Futures markets are the most liquid instruments in the world without any practical upper contract size limit that may affect individual traders. This topic is discussed in high detail during the Workshop.