Bids Pulled before Large Sell Orders Hit the Market on E-mini S&P 500 (ES)

In this ES video you can see, how a large BID (1200) was easily pulled away right before big sell market orders hit the BID and price dropped.

This happened at the daily VPOC/Volume step

At 2:00 selling starts (700 lot sold at the market)

At 2:25 the initial ~1200 bid suddenly drops to 700 after a 100 lot sell

At 2:40 the entire BID disappears then 800+ and 900+ orders hit the market and price immediately starts to fall.

From 4:20 any further selling was absorbed and agressive buying was started at a Low Volume Node (LVN) / large resting Buy order at 2723.00 and price finally retraced back.

Sierra Chart version: v1674 | Datafeed: CQG

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