Announcement: Discontinuation of Patreon – Enhancements to the Site

This is a notification about the recent changes to the TicinoTrader website:


  • The previous Patreon site is discontinued now. New signups are not accepted on Patreon anymore. Payments and subscriptions are managed directly on this site.
  • Existing and new members, please refer to this page for login instructions, discounts and available materials: Level 1-3 Members Start Here. Subscriptions initiated or renewed by 1 October 2020 are automatically extended.
  • If you can not view any content after logging in, because your subscription expired (Patreon members with expired subscription), feel free to signup/re-subscribe again with your Patreon email address. Make sure you use the available Discount codes here.
  • If you have been a member but do not want to extend your membership, you do not need to do anything – it will expire automatically.
  • If your last payment on Patreon was refunded, you can now signup now – make sure you use the available Discount codes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to message me here.

Playbook and TicinoMath Study Subscription

Support Forum, New Materials and Requests

  • Fully functional Support Forum will be available soon – it will be used as a main communication channel for members. The Forum will be re-organized and updated.
  • New materials will be posted soon (focusing on member requests first).
  • If you have sent a request earlier and you have not received a reply or the request has not been completed yet, please resend your question/request or a reminder in email.