Announcement – Changes and Improvements to the TicinoTrader Site Content

Please read the below information carefully – about the new improvements and changes related to the services and materials. These changes will take effect in the first days of November 2020:

New Member Management and Payment Processor

  • From 1 November 2020, I will leave Patreon and host the Member and Payment management directly on the site.
  • This move will solve the numerous technical, login and content access, and payment/signup related issues that many Patreon users reported/complained about recently.
  • Using a new Payment Processor (Stripe) will allow to manage subscriptions based on the signup date and not based on calendar months and will allow longer-term subscriptions with discounts.
  • The new content/membership management system will eliminate the need to rely on Patreon’s support system – where it is almost impossible to answer/manage questions properly.

Price Increase of the Various Tiers and New Subscription Options

  • On 1 November 2020, the Patreon Tiers will be closed and all existing members should move to the new site’s membership. No new signups will be accepted on Patreon after this date.
  • In case someone is charged by Patreon in the first days of November, the payment will be fully refunded.
  • Closing the Patreon Tiers means: existing members will still have an account at Patreon, but they will not be charged at the start of November by Patreon.
  • After the closing date, all existing members will be transferred to the site and their access will be adjusted to reflect their last payment date (1 month from the last payment + an extra free period will be added as a compensation for this move).
  • PRICES FOR EXISTING MEMBERS – ALREADY SUBSCRIBED BEFORE 5 NOVEMBER 2020: The subscription prices will slightly increase for existing members: instead of $2/month Chartbooks and $10/month Articles/Videos, existing users can stay subscribed on EUR 2/month and EUR 10/month prices.
  • PRICES FOR NEW MEMBERS SUBSCRIBING AFTER 5 NOVEMBER 2020: by 5th November 2020 the subscriptions prices will increase to EUR 4/month (Chartbooks) and EUR 16/month (Articles and Videos). This applies to new members subscribing after 5th November.

New TicinoMath S/R study Standalone Subscription

  • Until now the TicinoMath study was available for Playbook and Training members only.
  • Based on numerous requests, starting from 5th November, the study will be available to subscribe without the purchase of the Playbook to any members. This will create a new Study Member’ category (Level 3) that comes with full access to the Chartbook and Articles/videos content. Subscription details (price, monthly/yearly options) will be posted on the site after 5 November 2020.

Newly Released Playbook Part 4

  • The new, Part 4 of the Playbook self-study course is now available publicly.
  • The new section includes info about advanced trading strategies, tools, and application of the Playbook technique.
  • Existing Playbook users and new users purchasing the entire course until 5 November 2020 get free access to the new Part 4.
  • Click here for more info about pricing and available content of the Playbook.
  • The purchase of the Playbook comes with 4 month TicinoMath study license and lifetime access to the site’s Chartbooks, Articles, and Video content.

Updated Existing Content

  • As part of this update, all published chartbooks will be updated to the newest SierraChart versions and the existing Support Forum will be updated as well, within the first weeks of November.
  • Existing requests and locked content of the Support forum will be reviewed, addressed and re-published and available to all site members.
  • The new updates (SC version number) will always be indicated in the Chartbook/Article posts.

The above changes will take effect automatically during the next days.

Until 5 November 2020 all existing members will be notified about the required steps.

Between 1-5 November 2020, there will be various length maintenance periods on the site while the content will be unavailable. This is requried to make the necessary changes in the site structure.

If you want to unsubscribe and do not want your membership to be migrated to the new system, you can cancel your existing membership on Patreon anytime. Also, as stated above, starting from 1 November 2020, all Patreon tiers will be closed to avoid further charges.

Thank you for your continuous support & patience during this transitory period.

Wish you happy trading!

Last updated: November 5, 2020 at 23:10 pm

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